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Anywhere In The World

What is your native mother tongue? Whatever it is, I can help you to learn English, as I have had experience teaching people who speak a variety of languages.

PROBLEMS learning English for speakers of:


French speakers often use grammar and vocabulary incorrectly because there are a lot of ‘faux amis’ (false friends). These are similar words in both languages with different meanings.

2. Spanish

Spanish speakers have a heavy accent which can make it difficult to understand them. Also, Spanish grammar is very different from English grammar.

3. Arabic

Arabic is a very ‘flowery’ language, so Arabic speakers typically translate and use many more words than English.

4. Russian

The Russian language does not have any articles or quantity (a, an, the, some, any), so Russian speakers have no concept of these grammar items.

5. Chinese

I taught in the Chinese city of Dalian and know that Chinese speakers have problems learning good English, especially with good clear pronunciation.

Although I am based in Israel, I can help you with your English wherever you are through Skype, Zoom etc.

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